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Growing a social media following is a must these days, but unless you are Justin Bieber it’s going to take a lot of work. This is a social media growth service designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their brand and sales through Twitter, with minimal effort on your part. Growing a social media following is a must these days, but unless you are Justin Bieber it’s going to take a lot of work. This is a social media growth service designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their brand and sales through Twitter, with minimal effort on your part.

What you can expect:

  • All followers are real and targeted
  • Monthly report of new follower activity, upon request

What we need from you:

  • Access to Twitter account
  • Information on your business and target audience
  • Any direct competitors that are on Twitter with a large following
  • White list of accounts you want to remain following (if necessary)

Reviews (68)

Lacey Picazo

I've been very happy with Chris for my personal twitter. If growth stays consistent I don't see a reason to stop my services. Thanks!

Brian DApice

These guys rock! I loved their service. My charity project is over so I have no need to grow my account, but these guys are the best for the job!

Josh munyan

good customer service grew my twitter following just as promised!

Jay Shapiro

Chris made the gig extremely quick to setup and helped our follower base grow each month. However, the followers were fairly low quality, with many of them being content marketers and promoters themselves. If you are looking just for volume, this is an easy way to do it.

Shawn Murray

Chris has been great so far. Responds rather quickly to messages.

Clive Grant

Great job by the Growth Geeks team. Will be using more and more God-willing!

AdaPia d'Errico

Awesome job! Thank you! We saw the follower count go up incrementally and organically.

Russell Cowdrey

Started out with a bang but for the last month or so It has not really produced anything. Follows dropped essentially to zero in most of July.

Bryan Shanaver

I felt like there was diminishing returns, unfortunately. The first couple of months were great, we saw some progress and gains similar to what was sold in the description. Things started to slow down though after that and it was clear that no one was monitoring it. We were engaged to provide some new accounts to follow and that helped create a surge of activity - but then slowed again. We've currently been stalled for weeks. In general, there needs to be better communication like periodic updates of where we are at, what the next steps are, and what (if anything) was needed from us.

Andrew Bernstein

Stay away! Will destroy your twitter feed following tons of people who either don't speak English or are clearly a bot. I had to spend a hours cleaning up my account.

AdaPia d'Errico

Enjoyed working with Chris on our Twitter account.

Damian Hagger

No hassle growth for your Social Media! Great experience - highly recommended!

Retro Gaming Books

Amazing! Almost at 2,000 followers when I started at 200! Great job! Recommended!

Mariya Yao

The product is extremely cheap and had a deceptively high 5 star rating so we tried it, but the type of followers we got were spammy, low-quality, and almost entirely irrelevant. This product could work well if you are building a following around very narrow and specific keywords, but the process is completely automated by software and has no human intelligence behind it. Not recommended for personal or important accounts. Could be ok for corporate accounts where you just want to increase follower count and don't care about relevance.

Justin Guay

This worked very well for about a month and then suddenly stopped. When I tried to send a message to find out what was happening I never got a reply. I'm canceling the service

Alex Giannikoulis

Super job by Chris and his team! Thanks for helping us exceed our goal!

Dhaval Bhatt

So far, this has been a great experience. Really solid work. No junk profiles, real followers. Will send an update in Month 2.

Sophie Adelman

Our followers increased by about 600 over the course of the month.

Seth Tum

Marc has helped our company build our twitter following and would recommend him to anyone looking to grow their following!

Bryan Clayton

I recommend Aaron's work. He really knows what he is doing when comes to automating certain social media tasks .

Ryan Kulp

Fantastic service, delivers as promised and doesn't do anything spammy.

Arnav Srivastav

Kevin's does an absolutely fantastic job with this gig. He got me exactly the kind of followers I needed. This is a very high quality gig and i recommend this to everyone who wants relevant and high quality twitter followers

Omar Mohamed

Aaron's services were as described, but not as fitting for our very specific needs

Sofia Quintero

Fantastic job. I will definitely continue working with Aaron.

Josh Bender

Aaron's gig worked amazingly well. Highly recommended.

Jon Lawrence

Aaron did a great job growing us from about 20 followers to almost 400 in about 6 weeks. He also worked with us to help hone in on more relevant followers as time went on.

Martin Wilson

Aaron did a great job and grew our followers by 20% in just a month.

Mike Hardenbrook

Aaron does a great job with this gig to grow our followers.

mick mortdecai

He engaged with our twitter and now we have more than 450 people on our business. I feel really thankful for his work and I strongly recommend you to use his service for getting more engagement in your twitter account.

Wayne Flint

Awesome & super easy to work with! Will order again

Maxi Benbassat

Great job! exceeded expectations! Was very responsive and got us alot of likes!

Paul Rarick

Aaron definitely delivers when it comes to increasing # of Twitter followers! I'm amazed at how fast we have jumped up to over 1000 in just a couple weeks. It would have taken me months to get these results doing what I was doing before I found Aaron's service. Great service!

Warren Adler

Aaron has been doing a fantastic job - the increase in fan engagement we've seen is phenomenal.

Abhi Gupta

Really good work. Started from scratch to nearly 800 followers in the first month. Looking forward to continuing.

Fred Slabine

Unlike others I dealt with Aaron is outstanding and he delivers! Thank you Aaron, you are doing a great job for us. I appreciate it.

Stu Grubbs

We think there was progress? Generally slow to respond at the beginning, but then got worse. 3 weeks of silence after asking for a report on performance. Said he could provide # of followers gained and didn't. Also claimed to not be able to tell us how our keywords we provided were performing. No communication = unclear results.

Duane Hutchins

Aaron Irmas brought my twitter followership from 1516 to 1819 in a period of four weeks. These seem to all be gotten by following them first, and it was very effective. I highly recommend his services. @duanehutchins

Mitchel Schwindt

Excellent and right on target with followers. Delivered appropriate and similar niche.

Félix Antonio Lámbiz

Aaron is Awesome! Great quality and Real Followers just as the kind I requested for. Must have if you want to grow your Twitter followers the right way and fast.

Alexandre Poncet

Aaron just about 10X-ed my followers number in a month. To be sure, I was starting with little (only 80 followers), but it worked perfectly. I guess the most important thing is to really follow Aaron's guidelines and to really tweet regularly (and good content). I'm happily signing for a second month.

Stu Feinstein

Chris is an ace and has really begun to harness the use of social media as an asset to my business endeavors. He maintains passion, skill and a genuine niceness... I am confident that as time goes by Chris will enable me to increase the scope of my business.

Heather Rees

No nonsense, no fuss. Straight up exponential growth in my Twitter followers . Loved it.

Michael Salem

So I wanted to try out the Twitter growth on my personal account before we tried it for our business accounts. We grew that account tremedndously. Really looking forward to starting up again next month.

Lina Gantar

Aaron does exactly what it's promised - grows your followers. We have seen an increase of 150 followers/week with 50 unfollowers on average/week. This is great for start-ups and brand who don't mind follow-back concept. If you want to earn more followers without following a lot of people, a different approach would be best. But for us, it worked great to achieve an initial base of people and we can work from there.

Svante Vinternatt

We had a free trial month and were very happy with the result. Will definately keep the service!

Maulik Bengali

Chris is delivering quality, no doubt, at most reasonable cost! :-)

Seth Tum

Great job!! Thoughtful and interesting posts on all my social media sites!

Seth Tum

Awesome job! I've increased my twitter followers for my business by 3-400 in only a fews with working with Aaron.

Mike Adeleke

Chris was fantastic to work with and we were really happy with the work he put forward. Always on-time and always easy to contact. Highly recommend!

Antoine Clerc-Renaud

Check out my Twitter account: I started with around 30 followers. Thanks to the tremendous work of Aaron combined with my relevant posting, we achieved 2000+ followers in two months! How crazy is that! Thanks again Aaron! If you need to grow your twitter account, he's the geek to hire ;)

Johnny Helleland

Really effective growth on my Twitter account. You really get what you pay for with Aaron. Just be sure to work out your niche target before you order the gig, so to focus on the right hashtags. Recommending you try out this gig!

Heather Rees

SUPER impressed with the effort Chris made to match my branding and voice. Very professional and on top of it. I also appreciated how quickly he responded to any messages I sent and requests to change the tone in what was being posted. I'd recommend Chris to anybody thinking about trying his Social Media in a Box!

Prabhul Sankar

The result speaks! 4 to 424 followers in twitter in one month! And he totally works behind the scene. I only had to communicate with him once at the beginning. Now his gig is part of my product's marketing strategy.

McWilton Chikwenengere

Chris is awesome. We struct a 100 likes milestone on Facebook in a short period of time and our twitter is increasing on a daily basis. His results are awesome and make a real difference. We recommend him if you are ready to have a significant impact with your organisation.

Sherry Mills

Working with Aaron the past month has changed my life. Not only have I witnessed 1,000% growth in followers across my Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest platforms, but there is a tremendously affirming boost that comes along with receiving a steady visual stream of new follower notifications on my phone as I build my vision from the ground floor. I get to focus on making my content, and trust that things are moving in the right direction, and with support. Feels amazing. Thank you, Aaron!!

Bounce Back Fitness

Chris is attentive and creative. He listens to my suggestions, and works at keeping followers engaged.

Alaniz Marketing

We love working with Kevin. He is extremely professional and helpful. He grew our twitter following beyond our expectations.

Hiten Nainaney

Great Geek! Receptive and takes into account all the feedback that is given to him! Timely with the posts & uses relevant content!

Shingai Samudzi

Grew my twitter following with valid contacts greatly!

justin lennon

Aaron's Twitter Growth engine has been fantastic. He has increased my following with genuine followers who regularly engage in the content i post. Well worth giving him a try. Thanks Aaron!

Greg Marcus

Fantastic results so far. Over 900 new followers in little more than a month.

Kaili Kleemeier

I would highly recommend Aaron, he has done amazing job for our Twitter account and not only that, he has also provided more tips what else we can do to make all this more effective. Awesome stuff!

Michael Percy

After searching high and low for a quality social media service, I went with Chris and the Growth Geeks. Now my social media presence is growing and I couldn't be happier with the service!

Caroline Sarda

My experience with Aaron has been great. I have been getting a ton of new followers that are my target audience. I am excited to continue to use his services and have already recommended him to several peers. Thanks Aaron.

Caroline Sarda

Chris has been outstanding. He was up and running in no time and has been posting fantastic info that is getting great visibility. He really understood my business and my voice and has done a fantastic job since day one. He is quick to respond to my questions and is a pleasure to work with. I have tried other companies before and none compare to Chris and his company. I will continue to use his services. Thanks Chris!

Mohamed Amtoun

Aaron's method works. I went from 20 Followers to 1500 Followers in less than 3 months. Highly recommended.

Jonathan Taw

Chris is amazing and very competent. Constantly putting great content to my pages and I highly recommend him!

Alan Ashley

Chris and his team are great to work with, and the work was very consistent and timely.

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  • Are these real followers?
  • Yes all new followers are 100% real and targeted. You may find some places online that sell followers, these are mostly farmed networks or fake accounts. That is not what we offer.
  • How do you do it?
  • Each day we'll perform many tasks in order to grow your account, following, unfollowing, retweeting, favoriting, etc to organically grow your audience.
  • Will this unfollow any accounts I've personally followed?
  • Yes. Any account not following you upon purchase will be unfollowed during this campaign. If you want to remain following certain profiles, please send the geek a white list of these accounts immediately after purchase. For example - friends, family, colleagues, industry related accounts, etc.
  • Do you tweet content to my account?
  • This service doesn't include any content posting. If you'd like help in that area, please take a look at our social media management services
  • Why don't I know the exact number, i.e. 200-1000 new followers?
  • There are several factors. In general it is related to the size of your account from the start. Once we get good momentum with growing your followers, the faster we can run with results every month.
  • Why should I post content to my account regularly?
  • It is important to continue posting content to your account on a regular basis. Since these are real people, they're much more likely to follow and remain following an active account.
  • How is the correct audience targeted?
  • We can target by hashtag and targeting accounts that have similar followers that you'd like to have.
  • Can I keep posting? Can I still follow and unfollow accounts?
  • Yes! You can resume doing your normal activity. In fact, posting regularly is a good way to help ensure the best results. We will be working in the background, but your account will still be 100% in your possession.
  • How quickly will my Growth Engine be underway?
  • New campaigns are generally underway within 48 hours, and the geek will be in touch as soon as it kicks off to let you know.
  • How does the targeting work?
  • Once you provide us with your ideal customer, we'll focus our efforts on a particular target or niche. For example, if your product or service targets moms, then that's who we'll work on getting moms to follow you.
  • Do I have to verify my account?
  • You will likely need to verify your account. This happens from multiple computer logins. Your social media platform is just confirming with you to secure your account. Don’t worry, your account is 100% safe.
  • How do I get started?
  • It’s pretty simple, after you purchase you will receive a brief questionnaire. Here you will provide all the info your geek will need and they'll be in touch to let you know they're getting started. Done and done.
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