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Did you know that an additional ½ star rating can increase annual sales by 19%? Skyrocket your business profits by attracting more customers without wasting a fortune in advertising. Dramatically increase the number of reviews without having to add another task to your day. You don’t even have to worry about remembering to ask customers for their review anymore. Then filter the negative reviews from 3rd party websites so that it doesn’t show on your website. Our proprietary system empowers you to take control over your online reputation back from reviews sites like Tripadvisor and Yelp. It also helps you to dominate local search engines, attract more customers and get more conversions at a lower cost. Stand out from competitors, earn more qualified leads and improve ad performance. Share your positive customer reviews on social media, using your customer reviews to create positive marketing content.

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What you can expect:

  • A fully automated system to collect reviews, build, monitor and market your online reputation
  • 1 Review Page (standalone website) + 1 Review Form + 1 Check-in Form
  • 1 Online Dashboard to respond to all reviews from one single page
  • Unlimited Emails to collect Reviews
  • Unlimited Broadcast of your positive reviews to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google+
  • Monitoring of your brand over 630+ Reviews Sites in 69 countries (107 in the US)
  • Star Snippet Plugin for your website to display your ratings in the local search results
  • Widget to displays your review and ratings on your website
  • 1 Facebook App to display your reviews from 3rd party review sites inside Facebook
  • 25 High Resolution ready to be printed documents in various format to collect reviews (business cards, table tents, flyers, postcards, Window decals, counter cards, posters)
  • 1 Email Autoresponder Integration

What we need from you:

  • Short onboarding form to be filled out upon purchase

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  • If your business has NO REPUTATION
  • If your Company doesn't work in markets exposed to Consumer Reviews (Hotels, Restaurants...) and has not worked on its Reputation yet, it most likely falls into this category. Having NO REPUTATION is considered as harmful as having a BAD REPUTATION!
  • If your business has a BAD REPUTATION
  • If you are in this position, it's time to ACT! A BAD REPUTATION can be hard to repair depending on how damaged it is, but it can be done... and fairly quickly if you implement the right strategies.
  • Your business has a GOOD REPUTATION but Very Little Feedback
  • You are certainly on the right track. Most likely, your Products or Services are outstanding but not enough of your customers give feedback. What would happen in the event of a downturn? Are you prepared? Your Good Reputation has not yet reached the threshold where you can just sit back and relax!
  • If your business has a GOOD REPUTATION and LOTS of Feedback
  • Great! You have earned your 5 stars... but are you spending countless hours monitoring your Reputation, making sure it remains the same across the many Social and Review Sites! Wouldn't your time be better spent working ON your Business? Are you using the full power of Customer Intelligence to increase Sales?
  • Why will it benefit me?
  • - Differentiate from Competitors through Innovation - Establish Credibility & Trust - Improve Brand Awareness & Social Proof - Increase Conversions & Sales - Increase Traffic To Your Web Properties - Reduce Negative Word of Mouth - Protect your Business for Years to come
  • How do I invite people to review us?
  • - Tick people in your database in “Reputation Builder” for a request. This will send them an email or SMS to review you. You can pick the review site! - Link up to invoices. So when you’re finished with a job it’ll automatically ask how they found the experience. - Copy a short url into your email campaigns or on social media. It’ll take customers to the form directly. - Hand out personalized review cards. - Link up to your CMS. - Have a review form link in your email signature. - Ask on signage or posters.
  • Can I use this to create fake reviews?
  • Our vision it to showcase your amazing talent by getting customers to share their reviews, giving you the credibility you deserve. We do not encourage or participate in fake reviews.
  • Is there a steep learning curve?
  • Marketing tools often require coding knowledge or way too much monitoring. Our system requires none of that.
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